CD Shredder

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 08:45:52 2004

How about this for a CD destroyer - an old CDROM drive.
Remove the control board and cut all the tracks to the spindle motor
controller's input pins and the tray/lasersled motor controller's inputs.
Remove the big controller chips for good measure.
Now remove the laser module and gut it. Cut off a piece of coat-hanger wire
(or similar) and sharpen it. Fit the wire into the laser module, check the
height (put an AOL CD in the tray) and stick it in with 5-minute epoxy.
Add a microcontroller to the mix - work out how the mechanism works, what
each switch does, etc. Write a bit of code to eject the tray when the eject
button is pushed and run a destruction cycle when the play button is pushed
and the tray is closed. Destruction head scans over the disc a few times,
data layer gets reduced to slivers of plastic. What you should be left with
is a plastic disc. Frisbee!

Yes, I am going to do this. There's a dead Samsung drive on my desk just
begging to be converted into something mildly useful.

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