rodent nests

From: Rich Bramante <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 09:14:42 2004

So the good news is I've stumbled upon a Frankin Ace 1000 and a TRS-80 Model I
with EI unit, 2 machines which I've been looking to acquire. Better yet, both
are FREE!

The bad news: some sort of rodent(s) decided that the shells would make nice
homes and built nests in them. I popped open tha Ace, haven't had the heart to
check out the inside of the EI yet. Most of what was in the Ace was bedding
and shells from eaten nuts. These came out easy enough. All wiring seems to
be intact and uneaten (the back of the case did have its card slots widened by
rodent teeth however -- not a big deal). There wasn't really any droppings as
I imagined there would be, but there is a brown film that is on much of the
motherboard. What is this (urine, oils from their fur, some other sort of
bodily excretion) and is there anyway to clean these systems and try to recover

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