LTC Spec question

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Fri Sep 3 09:21:54 2004

   W/out having the docs to hand, I would like to know the actual
electrical specification for the LTC line as implemented in LSI-11 -type
systems... what is the backplane (and hence the CPU, etc) expecting?

  Waveform type? Freq range? Levels? If pulses, TTL? CMOS? Duty cycle? Rep

   I need to simulate the incoming LTC signal for a system that will not be
mains powered.... in the older 11/xx systems, this was derived from one of
the windings of the power supply transformer, then made into
line-freq-rate pulses by the using module.

   I'm planning on using a small naptha-burning steam engine driving a
modified Wimshurst static generator, and then using a calibrated spark-gap
with an RF pick-off. If I adjust the mechanical governor very precisely,
and calibrate the gap length based on humidity and barometric pressure, it
should be possible to get reasonably stable 50/60 Htz signals...



PS: Please ignore the silly bits.
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