rodent nests

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 16:13:02 2004

I had the same problem a few months ago. There was a long thread on this list
under "mouse doody". Every method known to mankind that used to remove rodent
excretia from motherboards and computers was discussed. A quick google under
the term "mouse doody" should point you in the right direction.



Rich Bramante wrote:
> So the good news is I've stumbled upon a Frankin Ace 1000 and a TRS-80 Model I
> with EI unit, 2 machines which I've been looking to acquire. Better yet, both
> are FREE!
> The bad news: some sort of rodent(s) decided that the shells would make nice
> homes and built nests in them. I popped open tha Ace, haven't had the heart to
> check out the inside of the EI yet. Most of what was in the Ace was bedding
> and shells from eaten nuts. These came out easy enough. All wiring seems to
> be intact and uneaten (the back of the case did have its card slots widened by
> rodent teeth however -- not a big deal). There wasn't really any droppings as
> I imagined there would be, but there is a brown film that is on much of the
> motherboard. What is this (urine, oils from their fur, some other sort of
> bodily excretion) and is there anyway to clean these systems and try to recover
> them?
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