VAX 4000 Model 300 - OS installation Questions

From: Philippe Vachon <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 13:58:37 2004

Hello again.

I managed to jury rig a null modem cable for my "new" VAX (using a
phone cable, some resources I found on Google, mere hours before Jochen
posted a link to the same Google search I did :) ), using a phone cable
and an old RS232 cable. It ain't pretty, but it works.

My next problem is how to get an OS onto this thing. I can easily
enough get the distribution CD from Encompass for Hobbyists, however, I
lack a means of getting VMS onto the machine, since it only has a TK70
drive, 3 DSSI hard disks, and no SCSI adaptor. I am quite comfortable
with setting up over a network (having done many installs of IRIX using
Linux as a server), however, I have not found any resources on how to
do this with VMS, only with NetBSD. So, what should I do? Has anybody
successfully installed VMS using Linux as a server? Or should I invest
in a KZQSA controller and use a SUN CD-ROM drive with it (can this be
done)? Or perhaps should I invest in a DSSI CD-ROM drive? Does such a
beast exist for the VAX 4000/300, even?

I'm relatively new to the VAX platform from an administrative
perspective, so please bear with me!


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