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From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Sat Sep 4 18:31:12 2004

actually software for it would not be a problem if I can ever get my hands on a MDS800 or MDS230 series II. I have all the ISIS software that Intel produced for the machines, BUT I can't duplicate the disks yet. I am working on a MDS225 that I have - part here in Virginia and the keyboard and display subsystems back in Washington state. I still have a standing request to anyone that has one of these machines that would like to part with it for cash or other items.

For the record, my first commercial development system was the MDS 800 doing 8080, 8048, and 8085 assembly and using Intel's ICE systems.

best regards, Steve Thatcher

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From: Barry Watzman <>
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The MDS-800 was an Intel development system using multibus cards. It's not
a typical "hobbyist" system, although it's a very high quality computer. It
normally ran Intel ISIS operating system, but CP/M is available for it.

You will have a very difficult time finding multibus boards or ISIS software
for this machine, although, again, it will run CP/M as well.

As to the terminal, my suggestion would be: None of the above.

What I use as terminals for old PCs is a PC running terminal emulation
program. Often, the best thing to do is to get an old, working, monochrome
laptop, usually a 386 or 486, you can buy these for $5 on E-Bay. My "main"
terminal for one of my systems, is an old Zenith Z-Note 386 laptop, running
DOS and Windows 3.1, I use the "terminal" program from Windows 3.1. For one
of my other computers, and IMSAI, I use a serial port on my "main" computer
(this one, a Pentium 4 3.06GHz), and Hyperterm under XP. That's all that
you need, really. You don't need a "real" terminal, although you can
certainly buy one if you wish, and if weight and size are not an issue. But
if weight and size are any issue at all, it's hard to go wrong with a $5 to
$10 386 or 486 laptop.


From: "Andy Allaway" <>
Subject: Intellec-mds 800
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I am considering buying a classic pc. The one I might buy is the intellec
mds 800. It comes with a drive also. I dont know much about vintage pc's
but would love to be like you all. I thought starting with one of the best
pc's would be good. So my question is, if I were to buy this pc, what type
of monitor/keyboard do I hook up to it? Where can I get one?

I think I need a tty serial monitor/keyboard. (Thats what I read online,
what does that mean?) Is the ebay below a terminal that will work on the
this intellec?

Or do I have to buy a vintage one like this:

I want to test this intellec before I buy it and want a monitor/keyboard to
hook up to it before I buy it.

I also dont want to spend alot for the monitor/keyboard since the pc is
quite costly.

Thanks for your advice,

ps, if I buy this intellec, what can I do with it?
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