Fraudulent offer from GB, How to deal with it?

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Date: Sun Sep 5 13:15:08 2004

I tried posting this from a different address and it didn't seem to get
through. If this is a double post please forgive me. I need to reply soon.....
Well I got a classic fraud offer from Great Britian today and was wondering
how to deal with it. I would love to see the offeree busted but not sure what
can be done.
I posted a HP110 outfit on the classifieds of the HP Calculator Museum. Got
a reply of interest from GB so I sent back info and got the following reply
today. I have heard of this being perpetrated on computer collectors in the
past so I recognize it as a scam.
Is there any way of identifying the culprit whose name (may or may not be
real) is posted at the end of the letter. I assume this is illegal in GB but how
 would you go about informing the authorities? I would be happy to
participate in a sting if that is possible. I am on the west coast of the US.
Following is the message I got today:
Thanks a lot for your mail and the information, also
for all your efforts towards making this transaction a
success, i really love it and wish to buy as soon as
possible. Anyway, this is how we are going to seal
this transaction there is an associate of mine in the
US who is owing me $2,500 i am going to instruct him
to send you a cashier's check for that amount,and when
it clears your bank you can now send my balance by
Westernunion. Although i know that the value of the
check is more than the price of the HP 110 outfit,
9114 disk & 2225B Printer but i am willing to trust
you with my balance So if this offer is acceptable to
you,let me have your contact information so that i can
instruct my associate to send you a check,that is your
name,address and phone number Please get back to me as
soon as soon as you get this mail so that i can know
your decision regards this transaction. I am banking
on my balance so that i will be able to settle my
shippers here in there local office because it is
cheaper and faster.My regards to the family.
James Cole
James Cole
42-46 James Villa, Woolmer Way
Woolmer Trading Estate
PS: Is this a good address?
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