Fraudulent offer from GB, How to deal with it?

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Sun Sep 5 16:23:21 2004

The following is a known scam. I person I know here on Long Island actually
fell for it (at least part way). He has been in contact with law enforcement
officials. They provided him with a location to turn over all information he
had [especially original mail messages with headers] I just posted him a
note so I can forward this info directly to the original poster here... will
let you know the results.

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>>> Subject: Fraudulent offer from GB, How to deal with it?
>>> I tried posting this from a different address and it didn't
>>> seem to get through. If this is a double post please
>>> forgive me. I need to reply soon.....
>>> Well I got a classic fraud offer from Great Britian today
>>> and was wondering
>>> how to deal with it. I would love to see the offeree busted
>>> but not sure what
>>> can be done.
>>> I posted a HP110 outfit on the classifieds of the HP
>>> Calculator Museum. Got
>>> a reply of interest from GB so I sent back info and got the
>>> following reply
>>> today. I have heard of this being perpetrated on computer
>>> collectors in the
>>> past so I recognize it as a scam.
>>> Is there any way of identifying the culprit whose name (may
>>> or may not be
>>> real) is posted at the end of the letter. I assume this is
>>> illegal in GB but how
>>> would you go about informing the authorities? I would be happy to
>>> participate in a sting if that is possible. I am on the
>>> west coast of the US.
>>> Paxton
>>> Astoria
>>> Following is the message I got today:
>>> Hello,
>>> Thanks a lot for your mail and the information, also
>>> for all your efforts towards making this transaction a
>>> success, i really love it and wish to buy as soon as
>>> possible. Anyway, this is how we are going to seal
>>> this transaction there is an associate of mine in the
>>> US who is owing me $2,500 i am going to instruct him
>>> to send you a cashier's check for that amount,and when
>>> it clears your bank you can now send my balance by
>>> Westernunion. Although i know that the value of the
>>> check is more than the price of the HP 110 outfit,
>>> 9114 disk & 2225B Printer but i am willing to trust
>>> you with my balance So if this offer is acceptable to
>>> you,let me have your contact information so that i can
>>> instruct my associate to send you a check,that is your
>>> name,address and phone number Please get back to me as
>>> soon as soon as you get this mail so that i can know
>>> your decision regards this transaction. I am banking
>>> on my balance so that i will be able to settle my
>>> shippers here in there local office because it is
>>> cheaper and faster.My regards to the family.
>>> James Cole
>>> =====
>>> James Cole
>>> 42-46 James Villa, Woolmer Way
>>> Woolmer Trading Estate
>>> Bordon,Hampshire
>>> GU35 9QF UK
>>> PS: Is this a good address?
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