Fraudulent offer from GB, How to deal with it?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sun Sep 5 16:32:35 2004

One variant of that scam is that the "cashier's check for a
lot of money" is a forgery. Many banks will declare it clear
at first glance. The sucker hears from his bank that the
"cashier's check for a lot of money" has cleared, and sends
the merchandise, along with a bunch of money as the change/overpayment.
A few days later, the bank that it was purportedly drawn on gets it,
notices that it is a fake, and bounces it back. The sucker's bank
then retroactively "unclears" the fake check, and holds the sucker
responsible for the amount of the bogus check. The sucker is out
the merchandise, the substantial change/overpayment, and bank fees.
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