Keyboards & Conductive Rubber

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 02:16:18 2004

Dave Dunfield wrote:

> Several of the keys on this keyboard require excessive pressure to make
> contact - I've tried cleaning the pads, and (gently) the surface of the
> rubber, however it appears that the rubber has increased in resistance.

The pads either wear or "dry out" or something, never worked out which.
  I talked a mate of mine through repairing some vintage synthesizers
which use conductive pads for the control panel (Sequential Six-Trak,
Alesis drum machine and sequencer) by taking the panel apart and
painting a blob of silver-loaded paint for repairing heated rear windows
in cars. The bottle was a couple of pounds from Halfords, and probably
cheaper in your local independant motor factors. A tiny bottle lasts
for ages because you only need a little spot.

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