Keyboards & Conductive Rubber

From: Paul A. Pennington <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 06:04:57 2004


    I've tried several things on my Sony TV remote control. The various
paints and other expensive fixes don't last very long. What finally worked
for me was some heavy aluminum foil tape used for sealing air ducts.

    Cut some tiny squares of the tape just big enough to cover the two
contact pads on the circuit board and stick it to the surface of the key
plunger. Evidently the resistance value is not critical, as long as it's
below some minimum value -- zero ohms is OK. My repair has been working for
a couple of years now.

    You can find the tape at home centers (Lowe's/Home Depot), and appliance
or plumbing parts suppliers.

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia
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