Heathkit ETA-3400 Modifications

From: Paul A. Pennington <paulpenn_at_knology.net>
Date: Tue Sep 7 06:24:07 2004

    We join this program already in progress:

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Subject: Heath ETA-3400 manual

> Paul,
> Just to clarify, I dug out my ETA-3400 Assembly manual (595-2170) this
> morning. The last paragraph on p. 39 states:
> "This completes the 'Initial Tests' of your Memory I/O Accessory. Set
> the Memory I/O Accessory aside and proceed to the ET-3400 Trainer
> Modification Kit. Then return to the 'Final Assembly and Operational
> Tests' in this Manual."
> The contents and implementation of the Modification Kit are the big
> mystery here, especially since it's not called out in the parts list.
> I'm also lacking the pictorial booklet (large foldout) for the ETA-3400;
> maybe it's covered there. If you have the pictorial booklet, I'd sure
> appreciate a copy next time you go to Kinko's (hopefully they can handle
> the oversize pages).
> Jack

Paul wrote:
>> For example, I just picked up a Heathkit
>> ETA-3400 expansion box for my ET-3400, a Motorola 6800
>> trainer. I got some of the manuals with it but I'm missing
>> others. I need the instructions for modifying the ET-3400
>> Trainer to attach the ETA-3400 Expansion, for one.

    Jack again:

> If you find that manual, I know several folks who would be interested in
> it - especially the pictorial section! My understanding is that the
> "Heathkit" people are only selling copies of the old manuals and I don't
> know if they provide the foldouts. I haven't purchased directly from
> them - I came close on some of the H8/H89 stuff but ended up finding
> "real" manuals for everything I needed, except the ET-3400 mods. I have
> a siamesed unit (trainer + expansion) so I suppose we could swap a few
> pix and reversed engineer the connection without too much trouble if you
> can't find the manual.
> Jack
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