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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 13:45:16 2004

>From: "Joe R." <>
>>> Intel sold a disk-drive subsystem that consisted of two Shugart 801 8"
>>> drives. They could work as single density or double density depending on
>>> whether you had the 201 or 202 controller board set. Yes, it was a set
>of TWO
>>> multibus board to control those two floppy drives.
> Here are some pictures of a couple of my 800s
><> and
><>. Here
><> is a webpage that I started (but
>never finished) that describes some of the 2xx models. Here is a MOL
>finished webpage about one of my other MDS-800s,
><>. It includes pictures
>and descriptions of most of the various MDS-800 cards.
> Here, <> is a webpage
>that I swtarted about Multibus cards. It includes both Intel and non_intel
>cards. I'm WAY behind with the updates for it.
> Joe

 When I worked at Intel, I was responsible for the test of the
1036 Floppy Disk Control Card ( this was for double density
M2FM ). It seemed that I was one of the few people, even then,
that knew what a phase locked loop was and how it needed to
be tested.
 The Channel card used the 3000 series bit slice. These were
a reasonable bit slice but didn't compete well with AMD's
2900 stuff. I suspect it was mostly the sequencer that put
people off. It is almost impossible to read the code for these
and takes a grand master to write the code effectively.
 I've got to get started on my MDS800. It just seems like other
projects get in the way. Perhaps I should put it in the walkway.
that way I'll be reminded of it each time I step over it.
 As for a terminal, other than the possible current loop issue,
you may need the right emulator if you want to run CREDIT
( their screen editor ). I believe this just used VT100 codes
but I could be wrong. The original 800's used Beehive terminals
that were painted Intel blue.
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