Intellec-mds 800

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Tue Sep 7 13:42:37 2004

From: "Joe R." <>
> >> The Intellec MDS 800 is the development system that Intel sold to
> >> products on their 8080 and later processors. It was itself based on
> >> later became known as the "Multibus" architecture. It ran a 2MHz 8080
cpu and
> >> was standard with 16K bytes of RAM. You could add more, up to 64K that
> >> main cpu (the 8080) could address.
> >> Intel sold a disk-drive subsystem that consisted of two Shugart 801 8"
> >> drives. They could work as single density or double density depending
> >> whether you had the 201 or 202 controller board set. Yes, it was a set
of TWO
> >> multibus board to control those two floppy drives.
> >> Gary Kildall wrote the CP/M operating system for that computer and
Intel also
> >> sold their own called ISIS-II (there might have been an ISIS without
the II,
> >> but I never knew of it).

I used the system with whopping 3 floppy drives !
It was used by a Philips subsidiary, "ap radiotelefon", much like Pye in the
I managed to program a switchboard, with 11 local phones, 2 trunk lines, and
path to 3 radio transceivers, each with 3 channels.
The computer part of it consisted of 1 Siemens Eurocard with an 8085, with
The whole system was mounted in a 19" rack, about 7 feet high. The bottom
third pard was used exclusively for batteries, as it had to be able to work
without external power for 12 hours.


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