20,046 page doc archive still available

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Date: Tue Sep 7 19:43:38 2004

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>> he does say in
>>his auction that he has permission from the various sites
>>to put the DVD together
>>Mr Watzman did not ask, and I would not have given him permission
>>to sell the material from bitsavers.
>>I have asked him not to mention my URL in any of his future
>>usenet postings.
>>For the record, I DO NOT want the material from my site to be sold
>>in any form.

Barry asked permission for the stuff I have on my Sol web site and I
freely gave it to him. First, the point of my having the web site is so
that the information gets spread so it doesn't get lost. Second, I
don't own copyrights on any of it. Many of the manuals I spent oodles
of time correcting and formatting after OCR, and I've spent time buying
or collecting and scanning a lot of it, but much of it came from people
who donated documents or scans to me. I feel like all of it is a group

Barry makes it quite clear that he will point out where you can download
most of it from the web, and what he is selling is the convenience of
having it all collected in a convenient form. Barry has also personally
scanned a lot of the documents.

So in the end, I have no problem with it.
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