20,046 page doc archive still available

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Date: Tue Sep 7 18:12:24 2004

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> he does say in
> his auction that he has permission from the various sites
> to put the DVD together
> --
> Mr Watzman did not ask, and I would not have given him permission
> to sell the material from bitsavers.
> I have asked him not to mention my URL in any of his future
> usenet postings.
> For the record, I DO NOT want the material from my site to be sold
> in any form.

And likewise, what little information I have contributed to bitsavers
is not to be sold. It's to be shared on bitsavers, but I do not
want any money exchanged for anything that I donate.

Are people downloading things from bitsavers and selling them for
a profit? That's downright dirty and rather irritating. It's like
one time when I wrote a 340 page family history that I spent many
years working on, and took many contributions from others, and had
a clause at the beginning where I stated that this information
could not be used without my permission..... then I found two
instances where someone "stole" entire large sections and used it
as if they had done all the work. It later appeared on their web
site as their own personal research.
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