*** Ideas needed for developing interactive displays....

From: ed sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Wed Sep 8 00:52:11 2004

Yes we are planning on having the hp 2000 emulator!
cheaper to have tsb this way compared to running the whole system which will
eventually break and need repair...... I have NO spares for 2100

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> SW
> Simple.
> Have running software. It requires research as to what could be unique
> interesting. But there will be finds for you to make and then therefore
> your visitors. For common machines (C64,etc.) you could run it on the
> actual HW. For larger things use a simulator and have the wires disappear
> into the artifact just as if it was that machine doing the processing.
> Seems like obvious choices.
> HW
> There is an 8" Fujitsu SMD HD here that I once had enough of to run with
> cover off the diagnostics made it do non trivial things and a crash did
> happen in the one test we did. The cover may have even been planar,
> meaning it would be easy to make a see-through one.
> John A.
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