*** Ideas needed for developing interactive displays....

From: ed sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Wed Sep 8 00:52:21 2004

Pete: are we going to actually spin this drive up after bereakeing the seal
on it? I thought bad things would happen....... ed
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> On Sep 7 2004, 8:32, ed sharpe wrote:
> > yes.... the visual of seeing the heads seek in and out.... I
> suppose you
> > could pared the heads so they do not land and do not even hardly
> spin the
> > thing up just make the heads seek......
> The large Fujitsu SMD drives (smaller capacity than an Eagle, but about
> the same physical size, 14" platters) have perspex HDA covers, and you
> can see the heads moving quite well. I have an M2284 like that.
> Of course, you can do it with a 5.25" winchester or even a 3.5" one as
> well, if it's the type that has a flat top cover (note that some
> Seagate 3.5" drives have a flat *baseplate* to which all the gubbins
> are mounted -- it looks like just a cover, but it isn't). Just take
> off the cover, and use it as a template to cut out and drill a perspex
> replacement. Or even cover it with clingwrap (saran wrap, I think you
> colonists call it), but keep people's fingers away from it.
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