Econet for an RML380Z?

From: Dan Williams <>
Date: Wed Sep 8 09:58:18 2004

I've just got a 380z chain network server. Without keyboard alas. The
tv and monitor cables are not connected to anything. There is a cable
but I can't see where it goes. Dp you have one of these you can have a
look for me. I think someone might of taken out one of the boards. But
any way whilst searching for info on this found :

Which says :
Yep. We had 4 bbc model A's at that time, complete with those
little cream tape recorders, while the 380Z had twin floppies.
There was a small network filesystem on cassette the beebs had to
load after power-on, then they connected via rs-232 to a couple
of pins on the *parallel* port of the 380Z. I can't remember
exactly (this was 1984 and I was half the age I am now!) but I
think you could still use the 380Z normally.

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