Econet for an RML380Z?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Sep 6 06:11:05 2004

Has anyone ever seen (or heard of) an RML380Z with Econet network
support (rather than the usual coaxial that RML used for its CHAIN

I picked up an SJ Research MDFS Econet fileserver the other day which
I'll have running at the museum. However, the docs at one point (and one
point only, it seems so far) mention RML380Z fileservers and 380Z
machines with Econet. (I've got an RML380Z fileserver, but naturally it
has a CHAIN network board and not Econet!)

As I collect Torch, Acorn and RML stuff (and Torchnet is at least
electrically compatible with Acorn's Econet) it's of particular interest
as it implies one day I might be able to connect machines from all three

I've never seen mention of Econet support in any of RML's documentation
though, so have a feeling it was maybe a product that never saw the
light of day...


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