Message arrival order?

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Wed Sep 8 12:40:41 2004

John Foust wrote:
> I've been receiving messages out of order: I'm seeing
> the responses well in advance of the original messages.
> Why would the list software do that?

There are two (related) reasons that I know of, neither of which should
affect more than a small percentage of posts:

1. Alice sends a message to the list. Bob sends a reply, which goes to
the list *and* Alice, for reasons we've discussed before. However, Bob
doesn't post his reply from the address he subscribed to the list with,
so it gets held for moderation. Before moderation happens, Alice replies
to Bob's message (having received a copy directly), and this goes
straight to the list. For a recent example of this, see the Econet
thread, where Jules plays Alice and Dan guest stars as Bob.

2. Some people never post from the address they subscribed with! Their
postings get held for moderation on cctalk and cctech. cctech is
moderated more regularly than cctalk, because I expect cctalk's "held
list" to mostly contain spam, which only needs clearing irregularly. Any
cctech subscriber who replies to a posting will have their post
distributed to both list views, possibly before the original post has
come through on cctalk.

Still with me? OK, the root problem here is people posting from
addresses different from those they subscribed with. The number of
people doing this has increased over the past year. Perhaps they are
unaware that they are doing it, so when I see subscribers' postings
being held on cctalk, I'll send out a reminder, in case they would like
to subscribe from their new address instead.

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