20,046 page doc archive still available

From: Joshua Boyd <jdboyd_at_jdboyd.net>
Date: Wed Sep 8 12:53:39 2004

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 01:59:21PM -0500, John Foust wrote:
> I appreciate all the offers to host these files.
> I was surprised that there were no suggestions about how to
> augment these files via OCR or PDF conversion.

Well, there are certainly plenty of ways to go from bitmaps to PDFs of
bitmaps, like the old MIT AI Memo PDFs were done.

A few years ago I tried to OCR some DEC manuals, but I wasn't happy with
the results I got at all. One program didn't work very well, and the
other only wanted to spit out plain text without keeping for formatting
or diagrams. They were both commercial programs.

At this point, I almost have hope that some of the current free software
programs might be able to do better.
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