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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Sep 8 20:39:13 2004

Hi der Mouse
 I have a IIIsi that I fiddle with every now and then. I also
have an official service manual ( not much help for anything ).
I suspect that they think that anyone working on one of these
would be factory trained. Other than the occational cleaning
and a problem with the last toner/drum assembly, mine works
well. The only major failure I've had is the input card failed.
( a bummer since it was one of the harder to get parallel/serial
cards and not the easy to get ethernet cards ).
 I've gotten some aftermarket RAM and put rediculously large amounts
of RAM in it. It also has Postscript, a duplexer ( I got from ebay )
and an envelope feeder ( also from ebay ).
 Smoke is a bad sign. Good luck.

 While in the service, I had the nickname of "Mouse". It
was because anytime anyone with gold braid on their cap
would enter an area that I was in, I'd find a piece of
equipment to hide behind. It was noted that I was like
a mouse.

>From: "der Mouse" <>
>Does the collective list wisdom include repair hints for an HP LaserJet
>IIISi? I have one. Yesterday, I turned it on, same as a zillion times
>before, and it didn't come up normally; it was making an odd ticking
>noise. I went to see what was up and smelled that unpleasant smell
>that usually means the magic smoke has been let out of something. I
>turned it off immediately and have been spending the last hour or so
>trying to figure out how to disassemble it to find out what's fried
>(and try to estimate how user-replaceable it may be).
>But it's being difficult, and my replacement capabilities tend to
>operate at a coarser FRU grain than, say, Tony's :-); service doc would
>help (even if only the kind Tony not entirely unjustly calls just a
>boardswapping guide - it'd still help with things like mechanical
>disassembly). Someone with experience with the things would help even
>more, of course, but I can't really expect to be that lucky.
>I'm still working on pulling it apart to find out what let out that
>unpleasant smell....
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