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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Wed Sep 8 22:19:47 2004

>> Does the collective list wisdom include repair hints for an HP
>> LaserJet IIISi? [...] smelled that unpleasant smell that usually
>> means the magic smoke has been let out of something. [...]
> I also have an official service manual ( not much help for anything ).
> I suspect that they think that anyone working on one of these would
> be factory trained.

:-( *growl* Fortunately once the outer cover is off everything seems
to be fairly smooth sailing.

> Other than the occational cleaning and a problem with the last
> toner/drum assembly, mine works well.

I had to replace the fuser on mine because I left it on 24/7 while
printing only occasionally (every few days). The fuser eventually went
bad under that treatment.

But now this...

> I've gotten some aftermarket RAM and put rediculously large amounts
> of RAM in it. It also has Postscript, a duplexer ( I got from ebay )
> and an envelope feeder ( also from ebay ).

Mine does PostScript, has since the day I got it. It doesn't have a
duplexer; it's not really something I've missed. Envelope feeder - I
rarely want to print more than one or two envelopes at once, so that
too is something I've not really missed.

> Smoke is a bad sign.

Yes, I thought so. :( I didn't really see any smoke; I just smelled a
most disturbing smell (and my attention was attracted by unusual
sounds, which argues that the smell was probably not coincidental).

I've now got it apart to the point where I'm fairly sure the power
supply and logic boards are OK - nothing looks the least bit overheated
on them. And to be fair the smell smelt more like a motor overheating
(overheating seriously) than like a chip blowing.

I'm not sure whether this is more hopeful or less. :-/

> While in the service, I had the nickname of "Mouse". It was because
> anytime anyone with gold braid on their cap would enter an area that
> I was in, I'd find a piece of equipment to hide behind. It was noted
> that I was like a mouse.

Heehee! I don't remember where my name came from (it dates back to the
mid/late '70s and its origin is lost in the mists of flaky long-term
memory), but it wasn't that. :)

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