Printer help?

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Thu Sep 9 11:59:37 2004

Ethan Dicks <> wrote:

> the pre-perfed ones that come with the carts are about the size of
> an envelope...
> Working out the raw Postscript to define the bizarre page size was the
> hardest part.

Isn't the print engine fundamentally limited to its fixed set of paper
sizes? This set includes several envelope sizes (3 I believe), but
don't you have to choose one of them? And what PS code are you talking
about? Can you share it? Is it Level 1 or Level 2? Did you really
define a page size that is not in the firmware? How did you do it?
If you do << /PageSize [x y] >> setpagedevice where [x y] is a paper
size not known to the firmware, won't it just barf on you? (Supposed
to throw a configurationerror.) Or was it PS Level 1 and you did it
by dinking with some undocumented statusdict stuff? If the latter,
my interest is piqued and I'd love to learn more.

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