Printer help?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 12:04:16 2004

>der Mouse <> wrote:
>> I had to replace the fuser on mine because I left it on 24/7 while
>> printing only occasionally (every few days). The fuser eventually went
>> bad under that treatment.
>Hmm, I use mine in the exact same manner, does this mean I'm mistreating
>the fuser? I wonder, would the powersave mode help? It turns off the
>heater, doesn't it? Right now my printer doesn't go into powersave because
>the lower tray is out (see my previous message about looking for a tray
>part), but it should work with both trays in. I would really like the
>printer to work as a server, even if it's a rarely used one.

 The most common failure of the fuser lamps is not the filament,
it is the contacts at the end. They get corroded over time.
I've used some of the lower temperature silver solder on the
lamp ends and that seems to work fine. I've not done this on
the HP yet but I've fix a couple of copiers this way.
 Still, it is a lamp and they do fail over time.
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