Printer help?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 12:20:35 2004

>With the help of the service manual (OK, part swapper guide) I figured

 This is what I meant by worthless. It doesn't even list signals or
anything. Nothing like a schematic exist.

>The NX engine has 300 DPI and 600 DPI versions, and the difference is
>only in the DC controller board. Every other part is the same, as are
>options like the duplexer. Formatter boards would be different too,
>not just between HP IIISi and 4Si (which have a bit more significant
>differences at the formatter/personality level), but other folks like
>DEC who used the NX engine would have had to redesign the formatter
>board for the higher resolution when going from NX/300 to NX/600.
>But still, it's an interesting thought that all paper handling options,
>i.e., the duplexer, high capacity sheet and envelope feeders, etc.,
>and even the plain paper trays are exactly the same between HP IIISi,
>HP 4Si, DEC LPS17, probably others...

 I wonder if there is a Canon repair manual out there that actually
has useful information in it?

>Speaking of paper trays for NX printers, I wonder if anyone here might
>have one piffling little plastic part they would be willing to part with.
>Do you know the metal plate/bar that goes across the tray near its back
>(most protruding) end? That metal plate/bar has two plastic pivots on
>its side that hold it in the tray. The right pivot in one of my trays
>is broken, but the tray is perfectly fine otherwise. Since it's just
>this piffling little plastic part that needs replacement, I really don't
>want a whole new tray. It's not a matter of cost, I just don't want
>another tray, I want to fix the one I have. The piffling little plastic
>part I need has a part number, RB1-1074, it's molded into the plastic
>and it's a Canon part number, so it's the same whether it came from Canon
>to you through HP or through DEC or however. But no printer parts store
>is willing to sell me that piffling little plastic part, they want to
>sell me another tray that I don't want. So I wonder, would someone here
>happen to have a spare RB1-1074 that I could have? Perhaps from a broken
>tray that's broken in another way? TIA,

 You may have to break down and buy a tray from ebay. I have seen
a couple of parts trays show up on ebay. You know, missing the
top or something. The biggest cost would be the shipping.

 For other, the IIIsi and 4si are heavy duty printers. Most of the
cheaper table top models would not hold up to the kind of use
these units will take. They are also quite fast as well. The
one I have was used at the company I was previously at as a
server printer ( hundreds if not thousands of pages a day ).
I don't use it quite that much but it is great to have something
that can do heavy work. If I have the information in digital
form, it is better than having a copier.
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