archive viper rubber roller

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 18:00:55 2004

Al Kossow wrote:
>I have a pile of drives I've been buying for just this reason.
>Unlike the Wangteks, later rev Archive drives kept the same
>pinch roller. If you're unable to find any out there, I'll
>send a known working drive out (assume you want the bare Q36

you need a roommate? :-)

>I assume this is for Q24 media (9 trk) ?

I'm actually not sure. It's a 1/4" drive. I think it may be qic-150 drive
which uses dc-300 carts. But I may have those numbers all wrong.

(oh I see, qic-24 is track, qic-150 18 track. ok, that might explain by
some cards work in some drives but not others ;-)

I'm at home now - I'll email the model # tomorrow.

and thanks for the offer - I sent some email to a few repair shops - we'll
see what they say.

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