Printer help?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 18:26:00 2004

>der Mouse <> wrote:
>> I went to do this, but when I put it all back together and turned it
>> on, all armed with a voltmeter to check power, when I turned it on one
>> of the LEDs on the DC controller board came on, something I cannot
>> recall happening before.
>One of the LEDs indicates that the main motor has reached its
>operating speed, the other LED indicates that the scanner motor has
>reached its operating speed.
>> However, the selftest button does not work; as far as I can tell it
>> does nothing at all. I even tried holding it in for some 15-20 seconds
>> and it still did nothing, despite printing working normally from the
>> network and printing a selftest page when told to do so using the
>> front-panel buttons.
>Now this is weird, I have no explanation for it. It's supposed to
>continuously print pages of vertical lines for as long as the switch
>is down. Perhaps one of the damaged PCB traces went to this switch?
>> I think this was Peter Wallace,
>> If nobody takes it before then, and Peter isn't willing/able to, might
>> _you_ be willing to extract those and send them to me?
>I would certainly be willing to do it, if nothing else for the sake
>of the experiment, since while logic is telling me that the IIISi and
>4Si are the same printer except for those boards, I've never actually
>tried a swap. The problem is that I would only be able to do it after
>I get Peter's 4SiMX in my hands (that's assuming Peter wants to give
>it away for free and no one else takes it first), and I don't know
>when I'll be in the Bay Area. While having a source of spares for mine
>would certainly be nice, I won't make a trip to the Bay Area just for
>that. I normally go there twice a year for the Bay Area UFO Expo and
>for Conspiracy Con, but the Bay Area UFO Expo just passed two weeks ago
>and Conspiracy Con is in May. I don't think Peter would hold the printer
>for me for that long.
>> The former is marked as J005, the latter J014.
>These are some kind of test/debug connectors and aren't used in the

 Most likely, he'd be better to remove all the boards and electronics
from the 4si and convert to a 4si. The 4si is most likely a mechanical
issue with jamming.
 Of course, if I were to pick the 4si up, I'd convert to a 4si
and send him the IIIsi boards from my machine. See how simple that is.
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