Teletype war

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 19:14:50 2004

On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Ed Kelleher wrote:

> Ouch!
> Teletype ASR33, apparently without platen roller handle or stand (and reader
> PS?), went for $740.

   This is why a lot of folks (including moi - a long-time eBayer) *HATE*
eBay... I am tempted, but will resist the urge, to write both the morons
that bid the thing up and apprise them of the Average Market Value for a
semi-ratty tabletop ASR33 with a bunch of Stuff missing...

   Of course had it been *my* 33 that I sold for +5X it's worth, I prolly
would feel... differently.



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