Teletype war

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 19:46:50 2004

>>> > Teletype ASR33, apparently without platen roller handle
>>> or stand (and reader PS?), went for $740.

FYI: At least one oy my teletypes has the reader power supply in the main

>>> This is why a lot of folks (including moi - a long-time
>>> eBayer) *HATE* eBay... I am tempted, but will resist the
>>> urge, to write both the morons that bid the thing up and
>>> apprise them of the Average Market Value for a semi-ratty
>>> tabletop ASR33 with a bunch of Stuff missing...
>>> Of course had it been *my* 33 that I sold for +5X it's
>>> worth, I prolly would feel... differently.

Now there is some honest bias... If the price gets high, then the venue is
the cause and is evil, unless one is the seller!

Makes me wonder how many participants on this list who post anti-ebay
sentiments are actually sellers [I know of a few] and freely admit to being
an eBay buyer, and seller.
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