DEC Storageworks BA356 questions

From: Tom Peters <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 21:23:44 2004

Thanks for the additional info.

At 09:20 PM 9/9/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:08:58AM -0500, Tom Peters wrote:
> > Not knowing, I plugged the outside (on the end) scsi connection into a
> > AHA-2940 and was able to see the drive (only had one handy) I had put
> > inside. But later it did something twitchy, like complaining it could no
> > longer WRITE to the drive, although reading seemed ok. I didn't care so
> > much, it was just a basic test.
>Hmm... that seems odd... does the drive still work if you pull it from the
>canister and hook it up to a controller in a more traditional arrangement?

This is believe was after monkeying with the dip switches. Good show I
wrote down how they were set before I tampered with them, eh? Drive still
works elsewhere and didn't have time to check into this further.

>I have a BA-356 at home attached to a SPARC5 - I literally just loaded up
>a few canisters, hooked the cable to a free SCSI port, and all the drives
>just showed up. No voodoo. Between the backplane of the BA-356 and the
>personality module, things should just be "taken care of".

I have some Compaq RAID controllers -- SmartArray 2H I think -- that work
famously with any old stack of SCSI drives, from 3 to 15, and does various
flavors of RAID. Might be the ticket.

>IIRC, the reason for picking one SCSI connector over the other on the
>personality module has to do with auto-termination. I don't recall
>which one I have (it's 12,000 miles away), but mine came with the
>wrong variety of SCSI cable (the host end was high-density connector
>that's common to ultra-modern adapters, not found on vintage equipment),

Mine came with no cables at all, so I'm cooking it all up on my own.

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