DEC Storageworks BA356 questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Sep 9 16:20:50 2004

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:08:58AM -0500, Tom Peters wrote:
> Not knowing, I plugged the outside (on the end) scsi connection into a
> AHA-2940 and was able to see the drive (only had one handy) I had put
> inside. But later it did something twitchy, like complaining it could no
> longer WRITE to the drive, although reading seemed ok. I didn't care so
> much, it was just a basic test.

Hmm... that seems odd... does the drive still work if you pull it from the
canister and hook it up to a controller in a more traditional arrangement?

I have a BA-356 at home attached to a SPARC5 - I literally just loaded up
a few canisters, hooked the cable to a free SCSI port, and all the drives
just showed up. No voodoo. Between the backplane of the BA-356 and the
personality module, things should just be "taken care of".

IIRC, the reason for picking one SCSI connector over the other on the
personality module has to do with auto-termination. I don't recall
which one I have (it's 12,000 miles away), but mine came with the
wrong variety of SCSI cable (the host end was high-density connector
that's common to ultra-modern adapters, not found on vintage equipment),
so I had to cobble something together - I think I had to use an ordinary
68-pin HP SCSI cable to the "wrong" port on the BA-356, then use a 68-pin
ribbon cable to access the other port, then explicitly terminate it.
If you can use the "normal" StorageWorks cables, you shouldn't have
that problem.


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