version of MSDOS 6.22 expand.exe for Linux?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 07:39:29 2004

Does anyone know if there's a decompression util for Linux that can
handle MSDOS 6.22 compressed files? I need a decompressed version of
emm386.ex_ ...

The only one I've found (so far) is called msexpand - but (helpfully) it
supports every version of MSDOS ever apart from 6.22 :-(

Unfortunately I'm surrounded by Linux machines right now and nothing
with a hard disk onto which I can install DOS - and I don't think I can
boot DOS 6.22 from floppies and tell expand to decompress a file into
memory, let me change floppies to the one I want the expanded version
on, and then write it out... :-)

If it comes to it I can dig my old 486 laptop out of storage as I think
that wound up with 6.22 on it - just a pain though!


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