version of MSDOS 6.22 expand.exe for Linux?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri Sep 10 17:37:15 2004

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Unfortunately I'm surrounded by Linux machines right now and nothing
> with a hard disk onto which I can install DOS - and I don't think I can
> boot DOS 6.22 from floppies and tell expand to decompress a file into
> memory, let me change floppies to the one I want the expanded version
> on, and then write it out... :-)

Yes, you can!
You can boot 6.x from floppy, even though the INSTALL
dementedly insists on installing onto C: -
MICROS~1 response to those who wanted 6.00 on a different drive
(my C: was a 3", D: was 3.25", and my harddrive was E:)
was "install it on C: and then COPY it to another disk
by FORMAT x: /S and then copy the files".

Once you have a bootable 6.22 floppy, you have two fairly
straightforward ways to do it.

1) give the command to expand as if you had a floppy in B:
DOS will then expand to the phantom B: drive, by asking you
to put the B: disk into drive A:, then the A: disk in drive A:,
then the B: disk in drive A:, then the A: disk in drive A:,
then the B: disk in drive A:, then the A: disk in drive A:,
This would be a VERY good time to write protect the disk that
you are not going to write to!

2) setup a RAMDISK. You can boot from a floppy with the
RAMDISK software invoked in CONFIG.SYS Then you can use
RAM as an additional drive, and do your work in it.

Grumpy Ol' Fred
Received on Fri Sep 10 2004 - 17:37:15 BST

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