Anyone know how to set Aux port speed on Datamedia DT/80

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 18:27:49 2004

>>Just acquired a Datamedia DT/80 (nostalgic value - spent many 100s of
>>hours in front of one of these during earlier parts of my career).
>What? You worked only a few weeks? :-)

Um ... I must have a different definition of the work "many" ... :-))

>If it's a good DEC emulation, this might help.
> From the VT102 manual (which had VT100 Advanced Video and printer port
>built in):
>"In Setup B, the arrow keys and SHIFT select either the modem [normal
>computer port] or the printer [aux] interface features. When you hold down
>SHIFT, <LEFT ARROW> selects modem features, <RIGHT ARROW> selects printer
>So, in Setup B, <SHIFT><RIGHT ARROW> should select the printer features.
><CTRL><KEYPAD ENTER> toggles AutoPrint (line at at time).
><SHIFT><KEYPAD ENTER> does a print screen.
><KEYPAD ENTER> is supposedly the "Print" key.

Thanks Ed,

That wasn't quite it, but it was enough of a hint to get me there - all
I had to do was hit SHIFT-6 - this toggles the Aux port instead of the
TX port (I could have sworn I tried that ... but it worked this time).

Also find and fixed a cold solder joint on a connector that was causing
the terminal to be intermittant (It was partially disassembled when I
got it - sombody must have been searching for it before).

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