Teletype war II

From: Ed Kelleher <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 18:17:56 2004


Another ASR33 on eBay.

30minutes to go and it's already over $700.
One of the $700 losers from the other day is involved is waiting to snipe
it too.

This one has a platen roller handle, stand and even manuals, but looks to
be missing the Teletype Logo front piece where the switch is.

The last one went for $740.

I'd like to watch, it's likely to be bloody.

Would like to have one to hear MIKBUG play again, but not that badly.

Anyone have a nice ASR33 they might be willing to swap for VT131, LA100,
PDP11 or MVII?

Or, maybe the microfiche complete source listings for RSTS V6c?

No, not all of them either. :-)

Let me know off list.

Unless you're thinking of putting it on eBay that is. :-)

Ed K
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