Get me out of here! (Plus mercury, ET-3400 docs, bogus checks, etc.)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 01:14:43 2004

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> Another Charlie/Frances survivor signing in . . . if Ivan rears his
> ugly head around here, I think it will be time for me to seriously
> consider moving to a non-hurricane-infested locale . . .

Good plan.

> Since Charlie hit, we have been without electricity for a total
> of 11 days -- and most of those days temps were in the mid
> 90s (F).

Mmm. Sunbathing weather :)
(just kidding)

At this moment in time, my ADSL connection is running again (after two days
spent going up and down like a jack-in-the-box) - the question is 'how long
will it stay up for?'... Two failures in two days, all related to the same
thing - a "major equipment failure" at the local exchange. One can only
wonder what BT's policy on preventive maintenance is. I'm guessing somewhere
along the lines of "Waste of time". Gits.

> So, no hot water or cooking facilities, two refrigerators
> full of spoiled food, approx. 80 gallons of debris I've fished out of
> our swimming pool (so far) . . . one more hurricane and I'll call it
> quits on Florida.

Kinda puts the torrential rain we've had in the UK in perspective....

> On a more positive note -- we are still alive!

And that's the important thing :)

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