Get me out of here! (Plus mercury, ET-3400 docs, bogus checks, etc.)

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 17:58:26 2004

Another Charlie/Frances survivor signing in . . . if Ivan rears his
ugly head around here, I think it will be time for me to seriously
consider moving to a non-hurricane-infested locale . . .

Since Charlie hit, we have been without electricity for a total
of 11 days -- and most of those days temps were in the mid
90s (F). So, no hot water or cooking facilities, two refrigerators
full of spoiled food, approx. 80 gallons of debris I've fished out of
our swimming pool (so far) . . . one more hurricane and I'll call it
quits on Florida.

On a more positive note -- we are still alive!

Re mercury:
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> My high school chemistry teacher let us roll it around in our hands for a
> short period of time.  He was one of those old-school chemists that knew
> the real dangers and saftey margins of this kind of stuff and was common
> sense about it.  Any other teacher would have gone hysterical I'm sure.
> He used to go by Doc.  If you called him by his proper name he would
> ignore you.
My high school chem instructor had a nifty trick which I saw him perform
more than once.  He would swallow about a fluid ounce of mercury, then
stand on his head.  The mercury would roll back from his stomach into
his mouth, and then he'd spit it back into the flask.
Re ET-3400 docs:  James mentioned a number of documents, then said:
> I can scan these if there is interest in them.
I'm interested.  Please let me know when they're available.
Re the bogus bank check scam:
Someone tried this on me -- they placed an order for a large quantity
of transistors and ICs on my Web site and wanted to send a bank check
for a few thousand $$$ over the amount of the purchase.
Some folks here suggested agreeing to the deal and then playing games
with the scammer ("my dog ate it"), and someone else proposed calling
the issuing bank to verify funds -- which sounds good, except that if the
check is counterfeit or forged, funds verification is meaningless.
Here's what the VP at my bank said:  DO NOT accept delivery of any
such check.  If it turns out to be stolen or counterfeited, mere possession
of it may be a crime and could lead to unpleasant visits by the FBI or other
non-desirable characters.  Stay well away from contact with anyone
who suggests this "method of payment."
Best regards to everyone on the list,
Glen Goodwin
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