Identifying old HP iron

From: Gerhard Lenerz <>
Date: Sun Sep 12 15:16:32 2004


I've got an old HP system that I rescued from ebay. I've asked in
german newsgroups but that and googling did turn up next to nothing.
It's a beige machine of the stackable kind and I think I've seen
Series 300 machines with Motorola CPUs in a similar enclosure.

What I've got along with some HP-IB cables and a 700/92 HP terminal

  * 7957 Harddisk. This spins up and the light on the front turns
  * 9144 Tape Drive. I get some status codes on the display on the
    back but as long as I don't get the system up that doesn't matter
    very much I guess.
  * The main unit is labelled "HP Series 40 260" on the front. It
    seems to have a 5 slot backplane of some kind. 2 Slots ar occupied
    by the mainboard which has little else than two serial connectors.
    Then there is a HP-IB interface and a serial card with 3 "normal"
    ports and a fourth that looks somewhat like the DIN headphone
    connectors on audio equipment. The uppermost (fifth) slot is
    empty. There is a small info card in the back that informs me that
    the system is model "45072A".

So what is this? Is this a "260" as in "successor to the 250"? The
first followup question to that would be asking what the appropriate
terminal settings are for connecting to that iron. I do get something
on "PORT-1" of the main logic board, but no setting (from 9600 8N1 to
obscure guesses as 1200 6N2) nothing yields useable results.

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