Identifying old HP iron

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 18:53:46 2004

> I've got an old HP system that I rescued from ebay. I've asked in
> It's a beige machine of the stackable kind and I think I've seen
> * The main unit is labelled "HP Series 40 260" on the front. It
> the system is model "45072A".

Sure sounds like an HP 260, which is indeed the successor to the
HP 250. I've got one HP 260 (with no software at all).

There's some chance that the disk drive has software on it,
so don't erase it :)

I've never used a 260... a post on comp.sys.hp.misc or comp.sys.hp.mpe
(which might find old HP 250 / 260 users) might work.

I ought to dig my 260 out of storage ... so I could try it out
if I ever find an OS for it :)

Michael Marxmeier probably knows a lot more about the 260, since
he wrote an entire 260 emulation package for Unix (

Stan Sieler 
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