laptop incident

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Date: Tue Sep 14 09:36:16 2004

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> A bunch of my friends run tech support for a large university in Michigan.
> Between the four of them they do tech support for faculty and run the help
> desk. They all use iBooks and Powerbooks, and reccomend them to anyone who
> asks. They are not Mac zealots, they use and support all kinds of hardware
> and software, and swear by the Mac platform. They've spec'd out, set up,
> used and repaired probably every type of laptop manufactured (The
> does not have a "Standard Hardware" policy) and they say they have far
> problems with Apple hardware than any other make.
> Me, I'm saving up for the big-screen Powerbook :)
> Even if you hate OSX, just run anything else you want on it :)
> That doesn't include Yellow Dog linux, running natively, of course :)

What ever happened to asking people what software they need to run and
recommending a platform that runs that software? A Mac laptop is a nice
machine, unless you need to run something windows based. If you need to run
Final Cut Pro don't get a DELL.

>From what I have seen Apple Laptops have their share of problems, which is
why everybody buys the extended Apple warranty. When the extended warranty
runs out in 3 years most problems will cost major $$$ to fix, I assume the
PC laptops are about the same. Maybe I am wrong, but modern day laptops are
not made for long term survivability these days.
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