laptop incident

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 09:46:30 2004

>What ever happened to asking people what software they need to run and
>recommending a platform that runs that software? A Mac laptop is a nice
>machine, unless you need to run something windows based. If you need to run
>Final Cut Pro don't get a DELL.

That should be the correct course of action.

I am a Mac Zealot, and I recommend PC's all the time. Why? Because people
come to me and say they want to get a computer for their kids to use for
school work, email, AIM, and games. As soon as they say games, I tell
them to get a Windows PC.

Then a year later, when they ask me what the best way is to deal with all
the popups, spyware, viri and other junk... I tell them to buy a Mac! :-)

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