laptop incident

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 07:19:41 2004

chris wrote:
>>What ever happened to asking people what software they need to run and
>>recommending a platform that runs that software? A Mac laptop is a nice
>>machine, unless you need to run something windows based. If you need to run
>>Final Cut Pro don't get a DELL.
> That should be the correct course of action.
> I am a Mac Zealot, and I recommend PC's all the time. Why? Because people
> come to me and say they want to get a computer for their kids to use for
> school work, email, AIM, and games. As soon as they say games, I tell
> them to get a Windows PC.
> Then a year later, when they ask me what the best way is to deal with all
> the popups, spyware, viri and other junk... I tell them to buy a Mac! :-)

   My Spousal Equivalent has been running the last Windows box in the
house. I've been dragging her past the Apple displays every time we go
to a computer store, and whining loudly every time I have to update her
spyware tools or AV stuff, or fix Windows because some new app broke the
whole house of cards. I also made her an account on my G5 months ago in
the hope that she'd try it out during my frequent road trips.

   I left Austin Sunday on a 2-week business trip. Two hours after I
left, Grace booted into a Windows Protection Fault, and now the box only
runs in safe mode. I have several ideas, but nothing I can walk her
through. She's being forced to use my Mac to do her email and bookkeeping.

   I asked last night what she wants to do about fixing her system, and
pointed out that at minimum she needs to upgrade off Win98. Her
response was "no more Windows. I'm sick of the constant crap, and this
[we were setting up her POP3 account on the Mac] isn't nearly as hard as
I thought."

   Singing, dancing, and other rejoicing took place.

   Seriously. I have Macs, Linux PCs, a VMware ESX server running
several Linux VMs, a NetBSD laptop, Solaris SPARCs, an Alpha that's
teaching me VMS, and a 43P-150. Two thirds of my emergency fixit time
is on that damned Windows box.

   Now all I have to do is pry her off my G5 when I get home.

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