Tapes and others

From: Steven N. Hirsch <shirsch_at_adelphia.net>
Date: Wed Sep 15 06:29:43 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Parker, Kevin wrote:

> Got a bargain on the weekend - a Compaq 5100e, an IBM PS2 Model 35 and a
> box of D6525 tapes (38 of them) for ten bucks.
> Can anyone advise me what these tapes were typically used in and for -
> they look in very good condition - what type of drives can use them etc.

DC6525 tapes are designed for QIC (Quarter-Inch Cartridge) drives and have
a capacity of approx. 525 Mb uncompressed. Compatible drives were made by
Archive, Tandberg and a number of others.
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