Onyx C8000: good news and bad news as well

From: Pierre Gebhardt <cheri-post_at_web.de>
Date: Wed Sep 15 06:47:01 2004

Hello guys,

it's been a while I told you about this lovely machine.

Someone told me to backup the contents of the PROMs and EPROMs: that's done.
The capstan roller of the DEI - streamer is fixed (I changed it), the power supply is in working condition, the voltages are fine.

Now the bad news:

The IMI 7020 hard drive is dead and cannot be fixed:
The damn coil of the motor causes a short circuit :(

That's why the power supply turns off when the disk drive is attached...
Even if somebody had a replacement motor (24V) , who could probably ajust the platters and the heads to find track 0 ??
I've never seen another IMI drive, they seem pretty special, with their connectors and all.

Ok, anyway, I'll concentrate in bringing the machine back to life without a hard drive but I haven't been very lucky yet.

Al asked me to scan in the boards, but my scanner (low cost, low end) has problems with depth perception, you can barely see something on the images.
I'll have to find another scanner which can do the job.

So far, nothing appears on the console terminal when turning the machine on.
The voltages on the test points have been checked, there're ok. sometimes, the 5V voltage test point "shows" 4.2 V on the board this the terminal connectors but this semms to be a problem of conductivity.

An important question:

The (10 or something) SRAM-modules on the CPU-board which are Motorola MCM2125AC-70 chips
reach a high temperature. 15 minutes after turning on the machine, the measured temperature comes to 50 ?C (122?F), the chips been supplied with typical 5V (measured).
Is this normal ? It's a bit to high, isn't it ?

By the way: Last time, I had the wrong model number in mind: C8002. Actually, it's a C8000, sorry for that.

Sincerely yours !


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