Registry Problems

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 09:57:38 2004

Rumor has it that Jim Isbell may have mentioned these words:
>This is not on the subject of older systems, but I have a problem that I
>hope someone can direct me to a list that covers it.
>I have four "programs" that are sitting in the Registry of my XP system
>and could be causing some problems for me with popups. How do I get into
>the registry to delete these files? Windows explorer does not display any
>system files or directories and the "find": function cannot find the files
>even though it is set to search hidden and system directories but I know
>they are there because they were found by SpyHunter and are labeled as

Click "Start" then click "Run" and type in "msconfig" (sans quotes) and OK.
This will give you an OOIE-GUI into everything about your PC -- click on
the "Startup" tab and it will show you everything in your startup folder
and in your registry -- start unclicking the boxes for anything that looks
remotely suspicious.

Want to get rid of popups forever? For free, even?!? Run Mozilla. It's got
a built-in popup blocker that (AFAICT) can not be gotten around - I've not
had a popup in 18 months.

Spyware and downloadware are similarly hampered through the use of this marvel.

(Oh, and try the latest Ad-Aware from (version SE 1.04)
-- it's free, and it's da bomb.)

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