Dead IMI-drive (was Re: Onyx C8000: good news and bad news as well)

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 10:29:08 2004

> >The IMI 7020 hard drive is dead and cannot be fixed:
> >The damn coil of the motor causes a short circuit :(
> I'm sure you checked, but possibly could it be motor braking electronics or
> the good old reversed diode across the windings that have shorted, and not
> the motor coil itself?

This reversed diode sits on a small PCB outside the motor.
I disconnected it, having the two wires of the 24V DC Motor in my hands.
There's almost no measurable resistor between these wires... this leads me to the assumption that the coil produces a short circuit.
Connecting the motor wires directly to the 24V connectors of the power supply leads to a shutdown when beeing turned on.

I've got lots of hard drives (approx. 350) in any size and age you can imagine but I've never seen one with a dead motor which causes a short circuit.
It's quite rare, isn't it ?


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