Atari Unix

From: luke <>
Date: Sat Sep 11 22:48:34 2004

"For those who own Atari TT030 workstations, I have finally gotten a
disk with Atari's version of Unix System V on it running along with a
diskette with setboot.prg utility that sets the nvram in the TT030's to
recognize and boot from the Unix Hard Disk.

If anyone is interested, I can make ghost images of the 300MB SCSI hard
for you. One word of caution, according the Atari engineer who wrote
Unix, it does not work on all TT030's. Some of the units had bugs and
issues, most came back into Atari's service center where the -33 68030's
were replaced with slower 16mhz CPU's, so while I will guarantee that
image works, I cannot guarantee if your TT will have a problem or not.
far I've tried it out with 3 TT's and they all work. Also Atari Unix
recognize Riebl VME ethernet cards and set them as /dev/en0 so you can
the TT up to the internet directly. I personally am going to see if I
get Apache to work on the TT as it would be great to run a website for
Atari's on an actual Atari computer.

If you want a copy, I need a 300mb SCSI HD to Ghost the image to and
you pay
shipping to and from me.



my friend and i have been looking for this for a while...

is there a way to create a ghost image that is downloadable?

this way we can ghost it into our own drive ourselves?

there are two tt's we are trying to get going...

thanks for any info

- luke
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