Atari Unix

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 17:19:18 2004

> If you want a copy, I need a 300mb SCSI HD to Ghost the image to and
> you pay shipping to and from me.

Not entirely sure who's offering this - Luke or Curt?

can a raw disk image be taken by smeone? (I presume Ghost is Norton
Ghost, in which case isn't it a Windows app and also not a free

If someone can get a raw image rather than a program-specific one then
I'm sure it could be put on bitsavers for preservation.

(besides, the post doesn't say where the person who has this lives - I
don't fancy shipping a hard drive overseas and back somehow; expensive
and risky!)

Anyone know how much memory the TT needs in order to run this? Plus, is
there support for the built-in network (Appletalk IIRC)? (Far as I
remember, there isn't in FreeBSD)

It'd be an interesting thing to have on our museum TT030...


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